Consulting Services

On-site Assistance
Unlike many other specialized programs, training is not a requirement for using the Stevenson Program. However, training and consultation are available and often very helpful. We have several qualified consultants, each of whom has received special advanced training from author Nancy Stevenson.

Most assistance takes the form of workshops, where the trainers cover a specific segment of one of our programs. On the other hand, our consultants are flexible, and they can offer question & answer sessions, demonstrations of techniques and classroom observations as well. Training and consultation can be tailored to your individual needs.

Rates vary from $500 to $700 a day plus travel, lodging and meal expenses.   Which rate applies depends on the individual consultant and on what type of assistance you want.  Some workshops require the primary trainer to bring an assistant.  Consultants are located in different parts of the country.  To talk to us about your consulting needs or to ask us when consulting is most useful, call us at 1-800-343-1211.

You may also wish to look into our videotape on the Stevenson Language Skills Program.  The tape captures an introductory workshop that explains the key strategies and techniques of the respective program.  The reading tape is almost two hours in length. The tape can be rented or purchased. (See the materials’ list for the Stevenson Program).

Telephone Consultation
Many teachers, parents and administrators have found that our toll-free number (sometimes called the Guide Line) can be very helpful.  Having a few key questions answered quickly can make teaching and planning much more effective.  A consultant is usually, available during business hours (currently 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time), and if a consultant is not available when you call, a time can be arranged. This phone assistance is free.


In addition to answering the questions of individuals who call spontaneously, we also can arrange conference calls for groups of teachers and/or administrators.  For smaller school systems in more remote locations, these conference calls can be very helpful.  The conference calls are either free or charged at a moderate hourly rate, depending on duration and frequency.  If your funds are limited, a combination of videotape rentals and conference calls can provide some training at a modest expense.