Cursive List of Materials

This method is not only fun for top penmanship students, it is fun and effective for students who usually struggle. Tasks are simplified. Students must master only three basic strokes. Special association clues help students with weak spatial skills and poor fine-motor coordination – without slowing down the top group.

  The Cursive

Stevenson’s Cursive Writing Manual

This text contains more than 40 lessons for teaching cursive handwriting, including all lower case letters and two forms of capitals, simple and fancy. The directives give special mnemonic clues for presenting strokes and letters in a special sequence.

Item Code: SCW 101  ~  $28.95

Stevenson’s Cursive Writing Workbook

This book contains practice sheets for each lesson in the manual. The spacing of lines and the placement of words for copying are especially designed to ease spatial confusion and fine-motor problems. Pages are perforated so that they can be removed, and students can work on a flat surface.

Item Code: SCW 103  ~  $8.50