Grammar List of Materials

  The Grammar

Stevenson’s Essential Grammar Answer Key

This book includes all the sentences in the workbook completely analyzed with diagrams and labels according to the directives in the teacher’s manual.

Item Code: SEG 111  ~  $16.95

Stevenson’s Essential Grammar Teacher’s Manual

This book includes all the teacher’s directives for teaching nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and adverbs. Subjects, main verbs (predicates), prepositional phrases, infinitives, and complements are covered. Complements include predicate nouns, adjectives and pronouns, direct objects and indirect objects. Students learn both the analysis and construction of phrases and simple sentences. Compound sentences are introduced toward the end of this book.

Item Code: SEG 101  ~  $29.95

Stevenson’s Essential Grammar Workbook

This book contains sentences for analysis that are coordinated to the teacher’s manual and will be required by each student using this grammar.

Item Code: SEG 103  ~  $8.50