Free Introductory Workshops

Attend a public session or set up your own.

Although special training is not a requirement for using the Stevenson Program, from time to time we schedule free introductory workshops in areas where many teachers have shown an interest in our unusual strategies.  For example, in certain parts of New Jersey, Ohio and Texas we have held at least one, and usually two, free introductory workshops during the last several school years.  (Visit our “Events and Workshops” page for a current list.)  These thorough, two and a half hour sessions allow teachers, administrators and parents to make a well informed decision about using Stevenson’s mnemonic approach and provide basic training in the most fundamental Stevenson word-attack strategies.

If you wish to initiate your own free introductory workshop, we will provide this kind of training free of charge to any school system, group of school systems or other organization(s) that are willing to meet certain basic criteria.  We require at least 15 participants who are able to follow through by using the program, should they decide it is appropriate.  In most cases, this means teachers who are responsible for providing “alternatives” or “interventions” for struggling readers.  Although teaching assistants are welcome to attend, they will not be counted toward the 15 person minimum.  We are looking for educators who are serious about exploring alternative reading methods and willing to implement our method in a thorough manner.  We also need to see the possibility of some extensive use of the Stevenson Program.  Unfortunately, we cannot afford to provide this opportunity to just a few individuals.

Stevenson Learning Skills also has a number of trainers available for hire, if you are interested in longer workshops or ongoing training.  To arrange any workshops, simply call us during business hours (M-F, 9-5, Eastern Time) at 800-343-1211, or email us at and we can discuss options.